the single style for all closets in your house
"Paris" line
The best selling design of closet doors for past several years. Clear aluminum lines and sparkling glass design make these doors fit decently in your master bedroom, kids room, laundry, hall area and kitchen.
"Chelsea" style doors at price as regular styles
We brought some unusual colors frames and now we have some sets left. It's your chance to get non-ordinary design door at price as door with regular hardware. Chocolate frames like chameleon may appears from wenge to light bronze depending on light and surround colors. These doors comes with soft closers for each panel.

3 panels sliding door "Chelsea"

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Opening width, inches
Opening height, inches

  • Advanced sliding system featured anti jumping and soft closing mechanisms will bring another level of comfort for your everyday dressing routine.
  • 3 sliding panels come on triple track - you are able to move all panels to one side of the opening and have access to 2/3 of the closet at the time.
  • This sliding door can be used for bedroom & hallway closets and laundry

Fancy & functional thing for your closet
Sliding closet doors
All our sliding doors are made with non-transparent frosted glass and anodized aluminum frames. Panels smoothly slide with ball bearing wheels in bottom track and guided with rollers in top track. Bottom suspended sliding system works without commons issues like door panel comes out from track.
Our basic model became more affordable.
Prices start from $500 per set for bypass door and price for door calculated by panels quantity: you can get 96" wide door made with 2 panels from $500.

Payments & Delivery
We ask for full payment for your custom size door upfront (your purchase secured with Paypal Purchase Protection and with your credit card institute).
You provide us exact measurements of the closet opening when place an order. If you want us to install the door our technician will come to confirm measurements (after order placed we set up the appointment).
Lead time for doors is up to 14 days.
We make curb-side delivery with our company truck. Inside apartment delivery available per request for additional charge.

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