Pivot doors with hidden mirror for bedroom closet, private house Hollywood Fl.

Double pivot doors
for closet 48 x 80"
"Is it outdated to have mirror closet doors in bedroom?" - time to time we get such question from our customer. We believe it is personal decision to have mirror in bedroom or not, but we have solution if you still want full size mirror but don't want include it in your interior.
We made doors for all closets in this house, and one special door for master bedroom closet. Master bedroom closet is 48 x 80" and there are possible several options for doors, such as - common double bifold doors, sliding doors and swing doors (that we use). Our client requested this door designed in modern style with frosted glass and silver metal formica, and also featured hidden full size mirror.
We made such doors with pivot hardware, because it allows to open panels like regular swing doors. One panel has mirror on its backside for full heigh and when closet doors are open you can overlook yourself from tip to toes.
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