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Extra wide sliding closet door

Project with 2 custom design sliding doors for apartment in Miami Beach.
Client requested custom design with frosted glass and thin mirror lite, inspired with advertisement picture.
Now it is hard to find who originally suggested this style, because this photo appears in galleries of many closet doors manufactures. I think it comes from one of European manufactures of aluminum parts for closet doors.
Here we have champagne color frames, low iron class tinted with white film and mirror. Our customer asked for the same style made with satin aluminum hardware and regular frosted glass. Read further to see the result.
custom closet doors
Sliding closet door
217 x 80"
Master bedroom in this apartment comes with unique wall wide built-in closet - 18 foot. To cover this opening we made 6 panels sliding door on 2 tracks.
The problem we met on this project - there was no opportunity to get full length top and bottom tracks.
mirro door for bedroom closet
Sliding closet door
60 x 80"
Door for hallway closet in the same style. 60 x 80 " is one of most common closet sizes and usually comes with double bi-fold doors. We recommend for 60" wide opening use sliding doors, because no extra space needed to open your closet, you have 30" access at once and sliding doors less expensive than comparable bi-folds.
custom closet door 60x80"
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