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Sliding Room Divider

Updated 11/16/2018
Glass sliding room dividers, projects in Beach Club, Hallandale.
Door designed with laminated glass and aluminum frames.
Sliding room divider
for den 132 x 88"
Beach club buildings like many other coastal properties in Sunny Isles and Hallandale Beach have floor plans with spacious den, that could accommodate king size bed. I have examples when den converted into extra bedroom.
Such room dividers like on photos can be made within couple weeks, installed in an hour and aren't required any permits.
Sliding room divider
for den 115 x 89"
In most cases we set 3 panels sliding doors on triple track, so customer can open this doors as wide as possible and many ways. Owner of this apartment wanted less tracks on the floor and asked us to make one panel fixed. Nearest to entrance door panel always stays on its place and rest two panels can be moved for all lengths of the opening.
Sliding room divider
for loft apartment
Glass and aluminum design door suites organic in loft apartments. The best thing about sliding room divider - it adds privacy when you need it and keep open floor plan for the rest time.
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