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Sliding closet doors,
Coral Gables, Fl
Rooms with high ceilings look very attractive, but the owner of such luxury property faced that many design elements will be custom made.
For this private house in Coral Gables, we made sliding doors for two bedroom closets. Both wardrobes are from the floor to ceiling, and height is 102 inches. The width of the closet is pretty standard - 96".
The client wanted to cover both closets with same style modern glass doors. Frosted glass sliding panels with aluminum trim complement bold and minimalistic interior.
Here we use doors with a system of 4 panels on a double track. First reason is that closet niche has accurate space to accomodate double track. Then 1/4" glass panels despite on 102" length are light enough to open with easy. Also, it allows to open half of the closet at the time and have convinient access to cabinets.
Price for custom size doors starts with $1000 per opening from local manufactures. Usually price includes panels, rails and hardware; delivery & installation are for extra charge.
To get similar door send us a request via contact form below. For pricing on standard size closet visit our on-line store.
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