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Bi-fold Closet Doors 60" & 72"

Closet doors option for 60" wide opening. Standard solution - double bi-fold door, see what we can do else.
Photos are from several projects in Miami and Broward area.
Double bi-fold door
72 x 80"
We all know that for 60" closet perfectly works double bi-fold door - all our build-ins and laundries have these doors.
Look how this common solution looks like when use modern aluminum doors. Photo of door from project in Hollywood, Fl.
How good double bifold door will look depends on how straight are opening, if height or width dimensions changing for 1/2 - 1" gaps might occur.
bifold closet door 60x80
Single bi-fold door
60 x 86"
Another way to cover 60" opening could be single bi-fold door. For our doors we use heavy duty bi-fold system designed in Europe, so it can hold and properly work with doors up to 75 lbs.
We have several projects with such oversized doors. On photo: door for laundry, project in Doral, Fl.
bifold door for laundry
Double pivot door
50 x 84"
If you still want to keep full access to the closet it is possible to use double pivot door (sometimes it also called saloon door). Why I like pivots more than bifold doors - less complicated look (it is just 2 panels instead of 4), less price and less gaps (in case the opening is not straight).
On photo one of our first pivot door, designed to customer request with golden frames and Snow White frosted glass. Project in North Miami Beach.
double pivot door
Sliding closet door
72 x 80"
For openings 60 - 72" bypass door works best, but it is possible to do 3 panels door. Door made with 3 panels on triple track can be opened on 2/3 of opening: if you have drawers in the middle or washer and dryer next to each other - you can use them with comfort.
On photo door 72", project in Hallandale Beach.
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