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Doors For Laundry: Before & After Photos
Sliding doors for laundry, project in North Miami Beach.
Sliding door for laundry closet 108 x 78"
On this kitchen we had outdated closet with multiples cabinet doors which owner decided to convert in modern and convenient sliding door. Behind the door 2 sections of laundry closet and one mixed use closet. Opening width is 108" and 3 panels door works perfect to cover the space. Here we met the problem - as you can see on "before" photo there is a vent on the ceiling, right on the drying section, so there were not enough space even for standard double track. Solution you can see at "after" photo: left panel slides on single track, that installed for full width of closet, and two other panels slide on double track, installed from vent till the wall.
This way of installation allows to have access to washer and dryer sections at the same time (when left and middle panels open to right side) and don't spend extra money on vents modification.
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